TVD 100th episode party (Nov 9, 2013)

This looks EXACTLY like my kitten she does the exact same thing I am not kidding she eats anything she begs like a dog she acts like a dog and sometimes like a cat is suppose to I am waiting for her to bark really i am  

I’m happy my movie maker finally is working in some form im just sad how bad the quality is now it took it from HD quality to 190 quality

It’s enough to make some one who makes videos for a long time sad. I wish it would work normal but nope It likes cutting off the top of a lot of the videos so I got a headless video mostly theres a few clips that work normal 

If I had Sony Vegas pro 9 then and knew how to run it I would be happier sense it is the best vid maker  but its really not worth that. 

Just another video I had to remake from my wmm was not allowing 

I read Amanda R and Owen Y are leaving The Mentalist

Not cool..I love Grace and without Grace no Rigsby I didnt like the eps with out grace in it as is. So now that she’s leaving I must say This better be the end of the Mentalist because I love the whole cast and crew of the show 

Grace and Patrick are my 2 faves but they took away Loreli and now their taking away Grace WTF 

Apparently their FINALLY fricken revealing Red John thank GOD this is just aggravating waiting and waiting to see who he is I want Jane to kick his ass hardcore! I swear I have a few ideas for that show like not letting go of these 2..well they are not. Amanda wants to leave its sad why just why????????  not you as well owen 

Just a video I made ~sorry for the quality my movie maker is having some difficulties and had to switch it to a different version.~ It’s a slow vid too

This video is just remembering Kol Mikaelson  Julie shouldn’t have killed him off she did kill him off in a really stupid way too. It does have SOME scenes of Klaus in it so i did credit him

Song-World Was Gone

By-Snow globes